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Dorothy Risner

Risner, Dorothy (Please see Notes and Ellis Island sections below)
Birth: 1937 New Jersey
Gender: Female
       Father: Risner, Joseph (Risners are from Lithuania)
       Birth: New York
       Death: NOV 1997 Atlanta, Georgia
       Buried: New Jersey
       Mother: Risner, Francis Grossman (Grossmans are from Russia)
       Birth: New York
       Death: ABT. 1967 New Jersey
       Buried: New Jersey
First Marriage:
Parker Sr., "Fred" Carl (Parker, Fred)
(My Father)
Birth: JUL 1936 Buncombe Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
             Father: Parker, "Fred" Robert (Parker, Fred)
             Birth: 10 AUG 1910
             Death: 27 DEC 1967 Asheville, Buncombe Co., N.C.
             Mother: Powell, Beulah Faye "Boots" 
             Birth: 07 JUL 1912 Pickens, South Carolina
             Death: 06 AUG 2002 Cherokee Co., N.C.
             Burial: Balsam Grove Cemetery, Jackson, Co., N.C.
G. (Male, Living), Mark (Male. Deceased), M. (Male, Living), Matt (Male, Living), 
D. (Female, Living) 

Second Marriage:
Hand, Steve
H. (Male, Living)
Celia (Female, Deceased) E. (Female, Living)

Third Marriage:
Nash, Tom
Fourth Marriage:

Risner appears to be a variant of the German name Reisner, or of German Riesner, an occupational name for a maker of veils and hoods, from an agent derivative of Middle High German, Middle Low German rise ‘veil’.
According to the 1965-2005 Social Security Death Indexes, the Average Life Expectancy for a Risner is:
1965 - 2005 is 70 years  
My name is Matthew Parker and I am 3rd generation from Russia (My mother's grandparents lived in Russia). The Parkers are English origin.

Risners Exodus during the Reign of the Last Russian Czar (Also Tsar or Tzar)

In a conversation with my uncle, my mom's brother, he states, "Our Risners originated from Lithuania. They left Lithuania and came to America at the turn of the century during the reign of Czar Nicholas and during the Russian Revolution of 1905.  Many relatives stayed in greater-Russia and later moved to nations within the grasp of Nazi Germany."

On a Sunday in July 1987, when I visited my Uncle at his home in New Jersey, he surprised me with a visit of about 6 relatives. It was a great surprise because I never met these relatives. They had their diaries, photo albums, some official documents, and the proverbial "scrap books." They displayed heartfelt emotions recounting details of the Nazi Extermination Camps, aka concentration camps.

More about the last Czar

Nicholas II of Russia (18 May 186817 July 1918) was the last crowned Emperor of Russia. He ruled from 1894 until his forced abdication in 1917.It is said that Nicholas proved unequal to the combined tasks of managing a country in political turmoil and commanding its army in the largest international war to date. His rule ended with the Russian Revolution, during which he and his family were executed by Bolsheviks, in 1918.

Nicholas's full name was Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov (in Russian Николай Александрович Романов). His official title was Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias.

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals: Immigration

 Name of Passenger           Residence   Arrived   Age on Arrival        
1.  Anna Risner                  Riclwald      1903   1   
2.  Anton Risner                 Ubreszyn    1901   26       
3.  Dora Risner                   Riclwald      1903   23       
4.  Easy Risner                                    1921   26       
5.  Francisca Risner                             1892   23       
6.  Gyorgy Risner   Kislonkos, Hungary  1911   25       
7.  Henry Risner      New York               1920   49       
8.  Henry Clay Risner   Astoria, N.Y.      1923   53       
9.  Henry Clay Risner   Baltimore           1904   38       
10.  Josef Risner      Os...                     1903   20       
11.  Katarzyna Risner   Dobra, Galicia    1910   17       
12.  Lawrence M. Risner   New York Cy. 1920   26      
13.  Perl Risner      Odessa, Russia        1908   50       
14.  Reinhardt Risner   Marion, Ind.         1924   39       
15.  Woitech Risner   Bietz                    1907   42       
Alternate Spellings
1.  Albert Risener                                      1912    54
1.  Andras Risnar    Lukaricza                    1899    40         
2.  Anna Risnar      Bremen                       1897   18       
3.  Michal Risnar      Butka                        1901   33       
4.  Mihaly Risnar      ...oa...yfales               1904   17
1.   Alois Rizner        Verhovo                     1907   43         
2.  Andras Rizner      Non-Immigrant Alien   1909   36       
3.  Anna Rizner      Bruisko, Moravia           1907   34       
4.  Anna Rizner      Jossy                           1904   26       
5.  Anna Rizner      Lukasroza                    1902   2      
6.  Anna Rizner      Lukasroza                    1902   21       
7.  Anna Rizner      Lukavicsa                     1902   3       
8.  Anna Rizner      Richwald, Hungary        1906   4       
9.  Antoni Rizner      Ptrzeszyn                  1905   25       
10.  Dorothea Rizner   ichwald, Hungary      1906   27       
11.  Ferdo Rizner      Koprivnica, Hungary   1914   46       
12.  Franz Rizner      Cvetrovci, Austria       1910   17       
13.  Gyorgy Rizner      Bachvala                 1901   35       
14.  Gyorgy Rizner      Lukavicsa                1902   6       
15.  Gyorgy Rizner      Richvald                  1901   25       
16.  Gyosgy Rizner      Egbell                    1898   27       
17.  Jacob Rizner      Bizicta                      1900   16       
18.  Janos Rizner                                      1896   18       
19.  Janos Rizner      Lukavicsa                  1902   8       
20.  Juraj Rizner      Richwald                     1904   18       
21.  Maria Rizner      Richwald, Hungary      1906   2       
22.  Matya Rizner      Ajdorci, Krain            1906   25       
23.  Susanna Rizner      Lukavicsa             1902   28       
24.  Zuzanna Rizner      Richwald               1904   12
1.   Alois Riznar        Cadborst, Austria      1912    47         
2.  Alois Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.          1920   24       
3.  Amalia Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.       1920   15   
4.   Anna Riznar        Kosina                     1905    24    
5.  Anton Riznar                                       1903   25       
6.  Anton Riznar      Haidowitz, Austria       1907   24       
7.  Anton Riznar      Vrkoroz                      1903   43       
8.  Audms Riznar      Richwald                  1897   24       
9.  Franc Riznar      Ajdovce, Austria          1909   23       
10.  Franjo Riznar      Rasinja                    1903   37       
11.  Gyorgy Riznar      Lukavieze               1903   17       
12.  Gyorgy Riznar      Richwald                1897   21       
13.  Hois Riznar     Zwetkofzen, Steinmark 1911   30       
14.  Josefa Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.     1920   11       
15.  Julius Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.      1920   26       
16.  Leon Riznar      St. Janz                    1905   16       
17.  Maria Riznar      Cadborst, Austria      1912   42       
18.  Maria Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.      1920   19       
19.  Marie Riznar      Kosina                     1905   24       
20.  Marija Riznar      Bostanj, Styria         1907   39      
21.  Martin Riznar      Vrhovo, Trlaovlye      1906   48       
22.  Matyas Riznar      ...essner               1905   33       
23.  Rudolf Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.     1920   22       
24.  Tone Riznar      Podborst, S.H.S.       1920   17       
25.  Yosef Riznar      Sipovce, Austria       1913   19
From 1894 to 1924 there were 19 passengers with the surname RIESNER arriving at Ellis Island. Only a few of these passengers listed Russia as their residence.
From 1892 to 1923 there were 237 passengers with the surname REISNER arriving at Ellis Island. About 36 of these passengers listed Russia as their residence.

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American Hero:

20th Ace during Korea; Senior Ranking Prisoner-of-War; Set Transatlantic Speed Record

In violation of Vietnamese POW rules, Risner, who was the senior officer within the camp, set up church services complete with hymns that prisoners wrote on toilet tissue. In the middle of a hymn, the Vietnamese came in and grabbed Risner to take him back to solitary confinement. As he was led away, fellow POWs stood and sang a "strictly forbidden song,"  H. Ross Perot* said. Perot further exclaimed, "That song was the 'Star Spangled Banner.'"
* Risner told Perot years later that, at that moment, pride in his men made him "feel nine feet tall and as though he could have gone bear hunting with a switch."
H. Ross Perot helped Risner become the Executive Director of the Texans' War on Drugs, and Risner was consequently appointed by President Ronald Reagan as a United States Delegate to the fortieth session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Gen. Risner remains an iconic inspiration to Airmen. A nine-foot-tall statue of Risner stands in the Air Gardens at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 1977, the Risner Trophy, a replica of this statue, is awarded annually to the Top Fighter Pilot.

This page is dedicated in loving memory of my wonderful grandparents. My grandfather was affectionately called Uncle Joe, and my grandmother was lovingly referred to as Granny Franny.
Uncle Joe and Granny Franny, I miss you two so much and regret not knowing you better. We have a lot of catching-up to do and one day we shall do so.